Craft Ideas: Have Fun

Craft Ideas: Have Fun

Crafts are good for showing one’s creativity in decorating a thing or a place. Crafts can be made out of plastic, waste products, papers, and spare sticks and many more. There are very easy craft ideas that need no such skill to bring out a beautiful creature in the house. Crafts are good for decorating and turning old things in a new and attractive one.

Craft Ideas for Weekends

Craft Ideas: Have Fun
Craft Ideas: Have Fun

In a busy life, people are too much engaged in their work and family. They try to do something creative in the weekend when they get leave from work. The weekend craft ideas mainly involve old plastics, bottles, and newspapers. These are generally not used in a household. Many people throw them away in the bin. However, these things can serve as the best materials for weekend crafts. These DIY projects can be used to decorate the living room, old household things and many more.

DIY scrapbook for kids

Kids generally like colorful scrapbooks which are not always available in the market. However, a scrapbook can be brought from the market and customized according to the need. The scrapbooks can be covered with colourful papers and several types of stickers can be used to decorate the cover. This will be highly liked by children. They can paste their photos, life events or even write about their day in a line or two.

Paper bags

Paper bags are very standard in the market to carry lightweight things. Paper bags can be made out of old newspapers. The newspapers are cut into small pieces and joined together to make a bag shape. To make the handle, wool or clothes can be used.

Flower pots: Some Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas: Have Fun
Craft Ideas: Have Fun

Flower pots add beauty to the living room. Moroever The old plastic bottles can serve as the best flower pots if they are cleaned well and painted. Therefore the bottles can be painted in different shades along with designing it with wool or paper. In other words, shows a high level of creativity of a person. Hence glass bottles are also used by some people to make flower pots. However, there is a chance of damage.


Quilling is designs made out of very thin paper with a special kind of needle. In other words one can make wall hangings, paper basket, jewellery box and several jewellery items out of these thin papers. Moreover hey look good as they are made up of several colourful papers. Therefore Birthday cards are a new trend in Quilling.


Origami is loved by children as well as adults. Moreover, it is used to decorate the ceiling or doors and windows of the house. Therefore origami is different shapes that are made out of papers by folding them in several patterns. Origami is famous for making wall hangings and door hangings. These are lightweight and colorful. It increases the home’s beauty to some extent.

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