Various Craft Supplies or Tools Various Craft Supplies or Tools

Various Craft Supplies or Tools

Craft Supplies

In general, craft supplies mean tools or raw material we need to produce things. There is various type of material for craft supplies like handmade, natural, or commercial [not ready for sale]. These craft supplies are very easy to use. Some of these craft material are beads, paints, bangles, cardboards, and many more.

Craft Supplies
Craft Supplies

These are easily available as these are present in your market and also on online shopping app like Amazon, Flip cart, etc. Moreover, they have reliable prices. Buying of these craft material is not a waste of money as there is not a hard and fast need to purchase expensive things for craft as they are available inexpensively.

Make craft worthy and fun for your little ones and yourself by recycling things and convert them into something creative and interesting item.

Some Craft Supplies Are:

Graphite Pencil craft Supplies:

To sketch or draw your subject or thing you work on, you need to use graphite pencils. As these are the basic step of your craft, you have to be little choosy at the time of purchasing. You just need four or five pencils. Various types of these pencils are available in the market. 2B is used for sketching, drawing, or shading. 6B is used for dark shades and 4H is used for light shades.

Craft Supplies
Craft Supplies

White Eraser:

You all are aware of the purpose for which erasers are used. Eraser is the thing which prevents you from the mistake done by you while drawing and sketching with pencils. Here you use the white kneaded eraser as these erasers are shaped in such a way you can erase linear points without having any marks visible left.

Painting Paper Pads:

These are the thin sheets which prevent your sketch and drawing from stains and mark of paint. These painting paper pads have the quality of soaking watercolor, paint, and water. Use these sheets before painting. Placed these sheets around your drawing and sketching sheet. These painting paper pads make your painting more easy and comfortable for you and your little ones.

Palette Craft Supplies:

These palettes are available in plastic form. They are used for mixing watercolor. These palettes have four or five sections which provide you to mix different shades of watercolor. These are easily washable too. These are also available in your market; craft supply stores and online shopping apps too. These palettes also have holes to carry your watercolor brushes too.


You do not need to buy a pack of watercolors, oils, and acrylic. You just need 1 tube of each color as these tubes are worthy for your craft. And if you need more shades of color then mix two different colors and make a new shade, like on mixing red and yellow color we got a shade of orange color. Though we get various shades from these few tubes of paint.

Craft Supplies
Craft Supplies


Brushes are a powerful tool when you use paint or watercolors. The various categories of brushes are available in the market. They have different uses. For example, Filbert brushes are for painting or for filling color in your sketch or drawing. Flat wash brushes are used foe painting background because of their broad tip.

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