Crafts For Kids: Some Ideas

Indian Crafts

Crafts have multiple benefits, but are you clear what they are? Crafts for kids have lots of advantages. Pedagogues and psychologists highlight the following benefits.

Advantages Of Crafts For Kids


The crafts teach to express themselves. Through these activities, we work the right lobe of the brain, which is the creative side of the mind.


No one is born knowing, so the fact of insisting with activities that are pleasurable until they get to do well helps training patience and perseverance.


Having to center all the senses in a single activity, you can concentrate on a slow way on the activity you do. They teach them the benefits of trying until the end.


As we know we member something in a better way if we perform the task manually with our hands. Having to learn the steps to perform that craft that we like so much helps practice memory.


The fact of doing something with your own hands reinforces the self-esteem greatly in each child.

Halloween Made With Cardboard

What will this house hide? Are you enchanted or just enlightened for a party? This children’s craft is perfect to prepare the Halloween party.

With this children’s craft, children can develop motor coordination and develop their imagination and creativity. Besides, they can decorate the house for the Halloween party and participate in the preparations.

Ideas For Crafts For Kids
Ideas For Crafts For Kids


  • Black cardboard.
  • Scissors.
  • Colour cellophane paper, silk paper or painted tracing paper.
  • Glue or transparent zeal.
  • A pencil.
  • 3 glass containers not too high
  • 3 hotplate candles.
  • Colour pens.


  1. Draw on the black card a haunted house like the one in the photo, the size you want.
  2. Use it as a template to make 2 identical ones. Cut out the houses.
  3. Cut 3 strips of paper. Form 3 rings and stick them behind each house so that you can fit a glass container inside.
  4. Place a candle in each container and light it. Happy Halloween night!

Crafts For Kids Made Of Recycling Material

You can make a big bouquet in a very simple way. It is a very entertaining children’s craft for children and it teaches them the value of reuse since the flowers are made with recycled material. This also helps to teach them the value of resources and how they can reuse them to produce something very useful.

Ideas For Crafts For Kids
Ideas For Crafts For Kids

With these crafts for kids, the youngest can develop and maintain coordination. Besides, it will awaken the creativity and imagination of the child and allows to think in a different manner.


  • A cardboard egg cup
  • A piece of green cardboard
  • Yellow, orange and white paint
  • Brushes
  • A punch
  • Scissors

TIP: for the stem of the flower, you can also use skewers, so it will have more consistency.


  1. Draw the stem of the flower on the green card and cut it out. One end must end in a point.
  • With a punch, make a hole in the base of the bowl and pass the pointed part of the stem until it is fitted.
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