Wood crafting: DIY Craft And More


If you are thinking of changing the lamp in the living room or room, it is not necessary that you spend a lot buying a new lamp. Rather woodcraft has given a lot of options.

Indeed, making your wooden lamp is easier than you imagine and the result is amazing. With a little imagination and reusing the materials we have, we can create great lamps.

More and more people have passed to the DIY side and the truth is that there is nothing more satisfying than seeing something cool that you have done with your own hands, and if you recycle, it is even better.

Diy Lamp: Woodcraft
Diy Lamp: Woodcraft

The lamps can give a new air to the room where it is. For example, a ceiling lamp in the center of the room, or just above the table, is a very striking contribution to the deco of the room. With these proposals of wooden lamps, you will be able to provide a more rustic decoration and without spending much money. Also, you will have a unique handmade wooden lamp.

Simple Lamp Diy Woodcraft

Another idea of how to make handmade wooden lamps is to take advantage of a glass bottle. Joining two wooden boards, again using the drill with the crown saw and a strip of led lights you can make this table lamp. Isn’t it great?

Hold on to the chair because you are going to see the easiest desk lamp in the world. What materials do you need to make this lamp? Well, a wooden block with a few holes and a bulb are enough.

 A simple lamp DIY classic is this without a doubt. A square of wood, plus a small wooden block and the light bulb with its cable are enough to make this lamp. It is very simple and ideal to place in the bedroom. If you like reading, this idea is for you too.

Diy Lamp: Woodcraft
Diy Lamp: Woodcraft

How To Make Handmade Wooden Lamps Simply And Economically

Do you have a wall in an empty house, in which you do not know what to put? Well then, this idea is perfect for you. A large branch suggested to the wall with strips of led lights. You can choose the branch of the size that best suits the place where you are going to place it.

If what you are looking for is a table lamp, this idea of how to make handmade wooden lamps will “come to your hair”. What materials do I need to make a lamp original table? A thin board, fine grain sandpaper, a piece of wood a little thicker for the base, a light bulb and a sheet of paper. Yes, a folio. Simpler than this idea to make a lamp you will not find it. We think it is ideal to use as a bedside table, but as a shelf for any place, it will also be great. You’ll need:

  • A table (of the measures you want).
  • The drill with the crown saw attachment to make the hole to be able to insert the bulb socket.
  • A “big” light bulb (But let it always below consumption, we imagine that, as in Por4Pavos you also want to save).
  • The accessories to fix the shelf on the wall.