How to Use a Fiskars Circle Cutter -

How to Use a Fiskars Circle Cutter

How to Use a Fiskars Circle Cutter

Making circles and the geometrical diagram on your notebook is always a matter of enjoyment and showing creativity. Since childhood we are learning how to play with small tools like scale, rounder and compass to make various shapes and learn various geometrical concepts. During your geometry class, you have tried to make a circle with your compass and cut it out. If not than for good and fast work, you can use a circle cutter. The tool is special but if you have to cut circles, it will save your effort as well as time and you can get more accurate and consistent size circles from scrapbooks.There are many types of cutters available in various designs and styles. In this article, we will discuss the Fiskars cutter.

How to Use a Fiskars Circle Cutter
How to Use a Fiskars Circle Cutter

Steps To Use Fiskars Cutter

Start loosening the clear knob by turning it into the counterclockwise direction.

For setting the diameter of the circle, you have move clear arm in and out using the markings on the arm, it measures in inches on one side and in centimetres on other sides. Note: The diameter is set with the help of markings but length is equal to the radius of the circle which is half of the diameter.

Now you have to turn the clear knob clockwise for tightening it.

Now remove small blue caps and tip the cutter for removing the blade.

Place the blade at the end of the arm; ensure that the flat sides line up. With the help of orange edges, push it inside. Avoid touching the cutting tip may lead to injury.

You should place the centre of the orange post in the centre of the cutter. You should turn the cutter around the circle before the actual cut to ensure your circle does not come over edges of your material.

How to Use a Fiskars Circle Cutter
How to Use a Fiskars Circle Cutter

Further Steps

Press orange knob to cut the desired shape from the cutting material.

Carefully start rotating the clear, to cut the circle. Start moving slowly and hold pressure so that the cut goes well. Not let up an orange post to get the perfect circle. For thicker materials, you have to maintain consistent pressure for a round cut.

Carefully remove the circle from the material. Check if any part is not cut, just cut properly and place it.

Now safely you can remove the blade from the arm and cover it with the blue cap. Loosen the arm and keep it at storing point.

With the following steps, you will be easily able to cut the circle with the help of Fiskars Cutter. You can now use cut part wherever you want. The circle will be well cut and finished. It can be used wherever you want.

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