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Learning How To Paint Unfinished Wood Cutouts

Painting Unfinished Wood Cutouts

Many homeowners use unfinished wood cutouts for decorating their place. Whether they are simple wooden letters or appealing shapes like stars & hearts, wooden cutouts are great DIY decor items. If you are new to DIY wood crafts and want to know how to paint those cutouts, we can help. These steps will help to achieve a clean, long-lasting finish.

Step 1: Sand The Wood Cutout

Sand the cutout piece with good-quality 140 to 180-grit sandpaper. If the cutout has a curved surface, you can use a sanding sponge otherwise sandpaper will work perfectly. Some unfinished wood cutouts are pre-sanded and have smooth surfaces. In such a case, you can skip sanding them.

Learning How To Paint Unfinished Wood Cutouts
Learning How To Paint Unfinished Wood Cutouts

Step 2: Clean The Cutout Surface

Wipe the surface of your cutouts using a clean tack cloth. If you don’t have this cloth, you can use a damp cloth in its place. Cleaning the surface is essential even if you didn’t sand the cutout in the first place. It will allow you to coat the surface evenly and make the paint stick properly.

Step 3: Apply The Primer

The next step is to seal the surface of wood by coating it with primer. Applying primer is crucial for achieving a smooth and even finish especially when working with light paints. Prime the front surface and sides of the unfinished wood cutouts and let them dry before moving to the back. To achieve a smoother finish, sand the primer coat and then again apply another coat.

Step 4: Paint The Cutout

Add some acrylic paint on the painting tray or dish. As acrylic paint dries rapidly, make sure to use a small amount and then add more if needed. Add a few droplets of water to the paint until you have the desired consistency. Then using a flat paintbrush or foam brush, apply the paint on the wood surface. Make sure not to overload your brush with the acrylic paint. Just like priming, paint the sides and front first and then move to the backside. Once you are done with the front plus sides, let the paint dry.

Learning How To Paint Unfinished Wood Cutouts
Learning How To Paint Unfinished Wood Cutouts

Apply the second coat of acrylic paint if you feel the need. Generally, the wood cutouts will require a second coat if the first coat is too thin. Allow the first coat of paint to dry entirely and then put on the second one. Every coat will require at least 20-25 minutes for drying. We recommend not touching the surface even if you think it has dried. The best is to wait for 24 hours and then go for subsequent coatings. This is because each paint brand has its own drying time so it’s better to wait for a substantial amount of time.

Step 5: Seal The Cutout

The last step is to apply the sealer coating. You can use a sealer that offers a matte, satin, or glossy finish as per your choice. Use a wide, foam brush to apply the sealer and let it dry. If you are using a spray-type, make sure to choose a ventilated area for this work. You can apply as many layers of sealer coating as required.

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