About Lumber Wood and its Types

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Generally, lumber is also termed as Timber. Lumber is a North American term and timber is another English term.

Lumber is a type of wood which is generally used for buildings. It is suitable for other purposes as they are used in beams, planks, and for structural purposes.

Lumber Wood
Lumber Wood

It is of two types: Softwood Lumber and Hardwood lumber. This softwood and hardwood have different origins as softwood lumbers found in conifer trees such as pine, cedar, etc. and on the other side, hardwood l is found in deciduous trees.

Softwood Lumber:

Its scientific name is gymnosperm. These are types of wood with whom we have to work very gently. They are as much beautiful woods that they can get the mark on them with your fingernail even. Softwood l also absorbs and lose moisture quickly and earlier than hardwood.

Softwood is cheap as its origin trees grow at a faster rate than hardwood. It is readily available in the market or any store. Softwood lumbers are mainly used to frame houses, apartments, buildings, etc. Softwood lumbers also used for home DIY projects too.

Lumber Wood
Lumber Wood

Softwood lumbers are categorized as yard, structural, and shop and factory. In terms of its grading, it is essential to know as it is easy for you to purchase the right and good quality of wood. Some classification is:


Means Surfaced is in green condition.


Means surface is dried. Less than 19% of the moisture is left after it is ready.

MC15/KD15 For Lumber:

It contains 15% moisture at the time of manufacturing

Hardwood Lumber:

Its scientific name is angiosperm. The hardwood specifies that they have broad leaves. Hardwood generally comes in oak, maple, walnut, hickory, etc. Hardwood name shows its specification, according to its name, these woods are hard and they are difficult to dent or mark. This hardwood lumbers are expensive as their origin trees take much time to grow.

This hardwood is generally comes in use for furniture construction, beautiful woodworking, flooring, etc. Hardwood also comes in use primarily. Hardwood lumbers are not readily available in the market for their purchase. You have to visit either a woodworking store or their specific stores.

As we talk about its grading, the primary factor is its appearance. Its transparent surface area determines the grade. Hardwood l has both of its sides with a different look. One side seems good, but other seems pretty weak.

FAS [First and Second] Lumber:

It must be 6 inches in weight, 8 to 16 feet in height and 83.3% clear on its bad looking surface.

Select – No. 1 Common:

It is of at least 3 inches in width, 4 feet tall, and 66.6% clear.

Select – No. 2 Common:

It is 3 inches in width, 4 feet tall, and 50% clear.

Select – No. 3 Common:

It is 3 inches in width, 4 feet tall, and 33.3% clear.

Lumber Wood
Lumber Wood
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