Lumbering: Widely Used Wood Found Nearby

Lumber: Widely Used Wood

Lumbering is one of the most widely used materials in the world. Its use is in a variety of fields because of its natural look.

Lumbering: Widely Used Wood
Lumber: Widely Used Wood

Wood is also particularly popular as lumber. The term lumber is wood, which acts as a building material in the construction of houses and other buildings. The good characteristics of timber include the following:

  • Low density combined with high stability
  • Good processability
  • High longevity
  • Good carrying capacity

Lumber Divided into three categories


The special feature of solid wood is that it was not mechanically or chemically changed. But at the most processed by drilling, milling, and other techniques. The category solid wood includes both construction timber and construction timber. The latter produced by sawing and includes wood species such as structural wood, squared timber, beams, slats. roundheels refers to tree trunks and tree sections that have been truncated or round peeled. It now serves as posts or supports. We often use building lumber in hydraulic engineering and for wooden playground equipment.


Glued laminated timber comprises at least three layers of board glued together. Because of this (mechanical and mechanical-chemical) processing, this wood form gets a higher strength and can be used in areas with larger dimensions, which have high static stress.

Types of Wood

Lumber is named differently depending on how the logs have been processed or split:

  • All wood is edged and uses the full cross-section. Therefore, it is mainly used as a beam or strong squared timber.
  • Semi-wood is separated into two parts and beams, planks or squared timber.
  • Cross wood or quarter wood is the standard in carpentry and is the minimum requirement for carpentry.

There are different lumber. Lumber comprises different woods; Each type of wood has its advantages and disadvantages. American hardwoods such as maple, ash or European hardwoods such as oak and birch are stocked by selected traders.

Lumber: Widely Used Wood
Lumber: Widely Used Wood

Lumbering Use

The further processing of lumbering depends on its intended use. Usage of sawn timber are:

  • Lumber
  • Furniture component
  • Packaging
  • export product
  • There are two types of cut wood: While we mainly use softwood lumbers as timbers, we mainly use hardwood lumber in interior design and furniture wood.
  • The versatile use of sawn wood is a point to consider for businessmen. Therefore, depending on the wood and its treatment, sawn timber can be used either for filigree constructions or even railway sleepers.
  • For interior work, we can use sawn timber for the construction of trusses, skeleton constructions. Therefore, it is also needed for cladding walls and ceilings. It is becoming popular to process sawn timber into an appealing floor covering. After that, we often use it for balconies, windows, doors, and gates.
  • As a furniture wood, we often use it as so-called blind wood. It can be visually to see depending on the taste. To emphasize the rustic character of a room by good furniture.
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