Quick! Now! Need A Cookie Cutter Right Now!


Baking cookies at home can be quite fun and it’s exciting as well. Moreover, you even get to experiment with shapes, textures, colors and flavors. However, to ensure that you bake the perfect cookies, you need to ascertain a few simple ingredients. Along with that, you also need a few other materials for baking the cookies. Among all other things cookie cutters are most basic, essential tools that you will need. You can find various types of cookie cutters in the market at different prices. However, you can also make your own. This article shows you how to make your own special cookie cutter.

Quick! Now! Need A Cookie Cutter Right Now!


To make your own special cookie cutter, you will need to prepare some tools and materials. You will need thick gloves, round nose pliers, craft knife, cutting mat, ruler, and scissors. At the same time, you also will need combination or lineman pliers and a disposable aluminum sheet pan. You also will need to print out the cookie cutter shape that you want.

Need A Special Cookie Cutter In A Hurry?
Quick! Now! Need A Cookie Cutter Right Now!

Print The Template

First, decide on the shape and size of the form that you want for your cookie cutter. Print the outline of the cutter for you to follow. After printing it out, trace the design on thicker paper. Try and avoid complex shapes since you will find it challenging to make them. Simple shapes and designs will be easier to produce, will save you time, and prevent injuries as well. Also, make sure that the design you choose is relatively large to accommodate the size of each cookie.

The Aluminum Base

To make your special cutter, you need to cut out the shape on an aluminum foil. Therefore, you need to put on thick gloves while cutting to prevent hand injuries. Moreover, choose gloves of faux leather or gardening gloves that are made of thick material. These provide better protection than knitted or cotton gloves. Next, flatten the base of the aluminum foil and draw the outline on it. Also, you can use discarded soda cans instead of aluminum foil.

Cut Aluminum Foil Into Strips

Now with the help of a sharp knife cut the foil into long strips. Ensure that you keep them wide and enough since you will need to fold them over.

Fold To Shapes

You need to fold the aluminum strips into halves and then press them. Then, with the help of a ruler carefully give it the shape you want and that’s it, you have for your special cookie cutter.