Teak Wood

Teak Wood: A Brief Description

Forests provide us with many types of woods. They are different. Hence, different woods are used for different purposes. Some example of different wood are Pine, Redwood, Oak, teak, and the list goes on. Let’s discuss about Teak wood.

Although there are many kinds of wood available, each has their uses and qualities. Similarly, Teak woods have their uses and quality. Therefore it is used for many purposes. It is an expensive wood. Here is a brief discussion about it.

Teak Wood: A Brief Description
Teak Wood

What Is Teak Wood?

It comes under the category of hardwood. Therefore, it is a member of the angiosperm family. Teak is long-lasting and the strongest and hardest among all the other timbers in use. It is naturally resistant to any type of rotting. This wood is very easy to maintain.

Tea is grown in Burma in South East Asia. Hence, it is native to Asia. Teak trees are very tall. They grow in a tropical region. Teak is imported throughout the world. It is famous for its beautiful looks.

Hence, it poses many attractive qualities. Although its beauty is of one the most attractive point of teak, it highly expensive. These qualities make it one of the most used timbers in the market.

Uses Of Teak Wood

As it is long-lasting and durable, it is used for interior and exterior works. This is because it is easy to maintain. Therefore, mostly prefer it for exterior work. On the other hand, its interior works represent its beauty. Some examples of its work are:

Exterior Work With Teak Wood

Marine Millwork

Marine Trim


Outdoor Furniture

Decking Tiles

Teak Wood: A Brief Description
Teak Wood

Interior Work With Teak Wood

Marine Interior



Holly Flooring

Custom Mill Work

Furniture and so on.

Teak Wood: A Brief Description
Teak Wood

Advantages of Teak

This possesses many qualities. Therefore, it always stays in high demand. This makes teak full of advantages. Some of its advantages are:

Beautiful colour

Elegant appearance

Lon lasting




 Great stability

Easy to maintain

Good water resistant

Naturally rot-resistant

Increase the standard of its work

Easy to handle and work

Disadvantages Of Teak

We are well aware that everything has two sides. Among these two sides, one represents advantages and other disadvantages. Teaks also have some disadvantages. Some disadvantages are:

Highly in demand increases its price


Extreme care needed while glueing

Careful finishing required

How Much To Buy Teak?

It is highly in demand and is one of the most beautiful woods. Therefore, it is quite expensive. Its prices also vary. Some scaling of its quality is done to decide over its prices. If it is thick, width and have good length, it will be expensive.

Naturally grown teaks are more useful and good. On the other hand, plantation wood is less pricey. This is because naturally grown are mostly in demand.

These qualities make it attractive and increase its standard. Hence, this makes Teak wood the most useful and demanded wood in the world.

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