Types Of Wood Lumbering Equipment

Types of Wood Lumbering Equipment

The best types of wood Lumbering equipment for building your own cabinets will vary by different needs. As a matter of fact, every type of woodworker will have to select the type of equipment. They will meet their needs, as there are many different types of wood.

Types of Wood Lumbering Equipment

Different Types Of Wood

The types of wood lumber that are used in making cabinets include maple, oak, birch, cherry, pine, and other hardwoods. There are also softwoods, such as pine veneer, that are also used for furniture. Choosing the best wood lumbering equipment will depend on a number of factors.

For instance, how much money you can spend will determine which type of wood lumbering equipment is right for you. Also, the type of finishes that will be used on the wood will also affect the type of equipment that you choose.

There are various kinds of finishes that can be used on wood. However, when it comes to cabinet work, you do not want a finish that is too heavy or sticky for long use. For the best quality, most cabinet makers prefer to use oil-based finishes.

Types Of Wood Lumbering Equipment
Types Of Wood Lumbering Equipment

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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Types Of Wood Lumbering Equipment

Some of the most common types of finishes include oil, oil-based, oil-less, wax, varnish, lacquer, and water-based. Each of these finishes will provide a different degree of protection. As a result, it will depend on your individual needs as to which finish will be used.

Strength Of The Piece

Another factor to consider when choosing the best wood lumbering equipment is the strength of the piece. There are various different strengths of wood, ranging from light, medium, and heavy.

As a general rule, lighter-duty items will require less force to lift and move them. However, heavier pieces are better suited for heavier jobs.


You also need to consider what material will be used to construct the cabinet. For example, if the wood is a softwood such as pine, then it will be more durable. It would also be strong than a hardwood such as oak.

Examine The Type Of Full-Grain And Lower Grain

Ensure you examine the type of full-grain and lower grain as well as the quality of finish on the furniture. You also want to pay attention to the thickness of the boards. Also, the number of layers, and the grain type of wood.

Types Of Materials

The different types of materials can make your job much easier. It will also be much more expensive to purchase. Of course, there are a variety of other materials that can be used to build cabinets. These include plywood, particleboard, and bonded panels.

Consider Your Options With Respect To Purchasing New Furniture

In addition to choosing the best wood lumbering equipment for yourself, you also want to consider your options with respect to purchasing new furniture. There are different types of suppliers of cabinet making supplies, and each one has different prices.

Types Of Wood Lumbering Equipment
Types Of Wood Lumbering Equipment


As a result, you want to shop around to find a supplier that offers the best prices for your cabinet uses. If you are unsure about your options, it will be wise to speak with a carpenter who knows exactly what kind of furniture you want and need.

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