Types Of Wood And Their Uses


There are many types of wood uses available in the world although some of them are used more often. Hence different types of wood are used for many purposes like furniture, carpeting, wooden doors, and so on.

Uses Of Different Types Of Woods
Types Of Wood Uses

A plant takes many years to grow into wood. Hence there are two types of wood categories with a number of sub-categories.

Two Categories Are

Angiosperms grow the family of Hardwood

Gymnosperms they grow into the Softwood

The above listed two categories have many subcategories of woods. Hence, these woods are used for various purposes internationally.

Why We Use Different Types Of Wood For Multi Purpose?

 This is because it has the quality of long-lasting. To give wood its desired shape one need less energy. These are the major reason for this much use of wood.

Various Types Of Wood

Hardwoods are the product of deciduous trees.  Hardwood is heavy in weight. They are strong. These trees have a long life span. These types of trees are usually tall.

While softwood is the product of conifer trees.  These trees are easy to identify with their leaf shape. They have needle-shaped leaves.

Types Of Wood Uses


This belongs to the hardwood category. Hence is a member of Angiosperm family. It is durable and strong. They are famous in flooring, wine barrels, and homeware. It is famous for making many objects where it is suitable.


Maple is a member of the angiosperm family. Therefore comes under the category of Hardwood. It last long and used in the butcher block, pool cue shafts, bowling alley. It is famous for its stiffness qualities.

Uses Of Different Types Of Woods
Types Of Wood Uses


The Mahogany wood tree is straight and tall.  It comes under the category of hardwood. Hence its tree is tall and strong. This wood is used in furniture, boat, musical instruments, and for paneling. This wood is famous for its beautiful appearance.


It is obtained from the Europe and Western Asian parts of the world. This is a part of the angiosperm family, hence possess the quality of durability. Also used for decorating sealing of the modern houses. This wood used in making wood crafts.


Pine is a member of the Gymnosperm family. Therefore comes under the category of softwoods. This wood lasts very long. It is suitable for window framing, roofing, and doors. Since this wood is famous for furniture throughout the world.


This wood is under the category of softwoods. The Eastern United States is their main source. Although they are grown for commercial purposes, it is famous for making frames, wooden tools, axes, and hammers. This wood is most famous for the formation of hockey.

Uses Of Different Types Of Woods
Types Of Wood Uses


The Eastern United States is its main origin place. This plant has many species.

This is one of the hardest and heavy rocks. These are famous for making wheels and spokes of wagon, carriage, and carts.

These are some woods with their surprising uses. We use woods in our daily life.