Wood Veneer Facts 101

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It refers to thin and sleek slices of wood, bark which are glued at the time of processing of doors, tops, furniture, and many more. Though these are used in marquetry, wood Veneer facts will make you understand the importantof raw material.

The use of veneer, in some ways like in plywood veneer, is present in three layers of it and each of it is glued. Hence Wood Veneer beading is also used decoratively as a thin layer placed or fixed around objects.

Wood Veneer
Wood Veneer

The veneer main source is peeling or scratching trees truck or by slicing flitches. Looks and appearance of timber come from the right angle and slicing of growth ring of trees.

Wood Veneer Facts: Making Equipment

Rotary Lathe Wood Veneer Tool:

In this, wood has to go through a robust blade. This blade is good to peel the forest in the continuous and semi-continuous way to get them into a foam of roll. This is basically popular for plywood because of its concentric cuts.

Slicing Machine Wood Veneer Tool:

In this flitch and log, pieces go through the blade to foam log slices and chunks. Hence, this gives sawn pieces look to veneer, which is cut from growth rings. This type of surface is called a crown cut.

Half Round Lathe:

Log are cuted and shaped in this process. This give it a lovely texture and elegant look. Hence, such type is generally called rift cut veneer.

Wood Veneer
Wood Veneer

Every slice gives a different type of grain, and this distinction depends upon the various types of tree species. The slicing of veneer causes the distortion and reduction of grain. Though the surface is sawn, sawing is a reason for more loss of wood.

The exterior is a beautiful part of the production, so it gains excellent attention in its processing. Therefore, rare log is selected and sent to the factories and companies for its production.

Types Of  Wood Veneer :

There are not many types of veneer. Each veneer has some basic pulpous. These are:


This veneer does not go through any baking process. Hence, both of its surfaces use this veneer. Moreover, both side of the exterior looks different due to the cell of wood.

Paper Baked:

Real lying upon name, this means veneer is backed with paper. Benefits of this are that they are available in big sizes. Therefore, the sheets because of the small pieces which are joined together before go through the baking process. This veneer has a rare chance of cracking. This veneer is useful for those who do not want to join or attach small pieces of it.

Phenolic Backed:

This is one of the rarest veneers. It is famous for composite or artificial wood veneers. Moreover, this is very popular due to a natural cause. It is also present in sheets and size. Therefore, it is durable and has less chance to crack.

Laid Up:

Although this is used to make large pieces by joining together, the process of making it is time taking and needs delectation to handle. Therefore this is inexpensive as the method used for making it is less expensive. Moreover, it has a variety of size, shape, and design also.

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